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The Creamsource SpaceX is an innovative approach to high powered film and TV lighting providing a full spectrum soft source. SpaceX combines the latest LED technology with sophisticated colour management, optimised form factor, ergonomics and elegant design in a light weight 18kg/40Lb package.

SpaceX boasts an array of six powerful LED engines, cooled by a highly efficient and quiet fan system, and integrated lightweight power supply directly into the fixture – doing away with bulky and heavy external ballasts.

SpaceX opens up a myriad of possibilities for gaffers and lighting specialists, in-studio and on location.

But… It’s expensive, right?

Nope! You get twice the light output for your dollar compared to the rest of the market. At $5.40 per Watt of power, SpaceX is under half the average market price.

Infinite possibilities
with colour creativity

Colour temperature is continuously adjustable from 2,200K to 15,000K with simultaneous adjustment of the green/ magenta axis. Hue and saturation controls opens up infinite possibilities with color creativity – anything is possible.

In addition, with beam reflectors and lenses for each LED, the Space X’s already impressive output is boosted by almost double the on-axis Lux values.

The Creamsource SpaceX is able to deliver an incredibly wide and even beam in an ultra-compact package, redefining the concept of the conventional space light.

Easy UI Operation

The SpaceX features an intuitive UI for quickly accessing controls making it easy to use on set.